Sunday, December 27, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

that I got for Christmas. :)

LOVE, love, love Vera Bradley.  Love. Everything she makes...

the soundtrack to this favorite show of mine. 
New season, please!

This really cool and really easy...yummy...time-saving cookbook!
Her blog is here.

Two cute owls for my owl family.

(He might need to be my new blog banner.)

And my honey knows me card here.

and a few other ones that I adore...along with the best pajamas from here.

(Mine are pink and brown, and the
other set is black polka dots.  Yay!)

I'm just sayin'...these are the softest ever.  And so darn cute!  I got two sets.  We found them in a little shop in Muenster, TX, called Girlfriends Boutique. It's so cute!
I think that I love pajamas so much
I should have a pajama shop. 
Wouldn't that be cozy fun?

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