Friday, January 15, 2010

Inspiring minds want to know... to keep the creativity in the game of life, laundry, kids, must see TV :), and chores...oh, and work.  I have had a hard time lately juggling all the things I want to do and the thoughts in my mind.  They run like mice on a many things I want to try.  So many to create.  So many to plan.  But I have been lax in sitting down to do them.  I must say that planning has come a bit easier this year, and that I am on the right track, but I still have more pieces to add to the puzzle.  Anyway, on to more inspiration, and here's to a sweet friend that kicked me in the pants to get my blogging back on track! She's just about as cute as cute can get!
Now, let's see...

These took my breath away...oh, so pretty.
And this little blog, TomKat Studio, just helped me decide that all little girls need a fairy/flower birthday party.  Especially little girls that are named Katie and will be three four this year (what was I thinking?).

I must perfect my cupcake skills. :)
Tomorrow, I have plans to create a gift card book, make some Valentines, and materialize some ideas floating around in my head. I will leave you with one last picture from Cassie.  This is my favorite from her last couple of posts...mainly because that is a super sweet kitty sitting on her bed. :)
But I love her style.

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  1. Aw, thanks, Trina! Keep up the blogging. You inspire me! Craft day soon!