Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to the daily...

Spring Break meant lots of busy time for me!  It started with some scrapbooking/card making with my momma and dear friend, Leanne, Friday and Saturday.  Mom was going through pictures and I have some awesome ones to share this week.  I promise big hair and sweet letters among some other awesome finds in
her stash of photos.  That will take the week to talk about!

I did spend a few days out and about at my favorite stores, and went to the spa for a bit of pampering.  It was awfully quiet most days, though.  I had to turn on Nick Jr. to listen to normalcy a few times.

The rest of the week was spent cleaning (since Mom took the kiddos for me...for the week!  Yahooo!!!  I mean, oh, I really did miss them---but boy, did they enjoy being spoiled at Gram's house and at the lake) and then finishing up princess party details.  Everything was beautiful and just how I wanted my little girl's party to be for her.  Although I must admit that it was probably more fun for me than it was for her.  She was a little bit overwhelmed by all the to do.  Saturday was packed full of little girls and their mommas enjoying a tea party
(with pretty cupcakes), a ballet princess, and an appearance by Cinderella herself. 

That was a surprise!

I also spent a few wandering hours in Target looking, touching, and dreaming of buying the entire Liberty of London line.  I mean, really, I want all of it.  So, on Monday, as a back to work, Easter dress prospect, just for me kinda thing, this dress jumped in my cart.

Can you believe that most of this is not available online?  And nobody can tell me where that lost bike is? 
What is a girl to do?  I guess the dress will have to be it for now. 
Until the next trip to the red store.

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