Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring break hiatus

No posting are gone to mom's house and I have been a busy out closets, cabinets, throwing away paper, finding new paper, filling up the garage, and getting ready for a tag sale. And it's NOT coming back inside.  NOPE! 

Finishing up plans for a little princess birthday party, so I am leaving you with some things that have inspired me to create royal messes in the house.

A hydrangea tutu for the birthday girl; tutorial found here.  TomKat Studio is responsible for lots of inspiration
for this party!

Thinking about making my own cookies for the party and using this icing recipe. 
Hoping it turns out just as pretty as hers are. 

For cookies as pretty as these from Bakerella.

Add in pretty paper crowns, paper purses with lip gloss and a candy bracelet, surprise handmade favors and one big fuzzy place card holder, fluffer nutter sandwiches cut in flower shapes, strawberries and toffee fruit dip, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, chocolate cake balls, and strawberry lemonade...and you have yourself a tea party for little royal people. 
Hope it all comes together! The queen has a lot to do the next few days.

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