Thursday, May 27, 2010


I happened to stop at an estate sale today.  I was drawn to the ad because of the vintage paper dolls, but you never know what you might find.  This time, I found an artists' impression all over the place; canvas, paint, drawing pencils, crayons, coloring books, and knitting.  She must have loved to craft, and she saved things for inspiration.  I always like to wonder, as I shop, what they did during the day, what they were inspired by, what they made for dinner, and what they created that didn't get left behind.  So, I came home with a few finds that will have a new home at my place...part of a legacy of someone I only know through looking through their things.  She left me a December 1958 Family Circle magazine with Disney princesses on the cover, and a 1958 Carnation Easy-Does-It cookbook.  Also, December 1962-December 1965 Christmas issues of Family Circle. And she left Katie a new dollhouse.  It's the best $5 I ever spent. 


  1. Did you see any paint by number dogs?! P.S. If you come across any, could you pick them up for me? Haha.

  2. I really ought to start scavenging estate sales,
    great finds!