Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day, Part 1

At the lake, at Grandma Wilma's 80th birthday, 35 of us, I think!  Whew...but we had fun. Here we are:

Happy Birthday, Grandma Wilma! 
She loved the purse we got her.

Papa Dee's birthday was on Monday, so we celebrated that too.  We thought he needed this t-shirt for the Bulldog football games...he loves to watch
his great grandsons play.

I packed and left Katie's entire suitcase at home, so she got some new clothes
for the weekend. 
Cute suit, girl.  :)

We love animals and you can tell if you come visit.  Hello, Didi.  And Heidi, Dixie, Penny, Lucille, Josie, Chopper, and....what's that box?  A new toaster for the lake kitchen? 

OH, MY!  No, it is...

A baby racoon!  Kevin and Lori are feeding it.  Allen rescued it and two others from the deer lease, and this little strong guy survived.  You can see why....he drank his bottle in about 30 seconds, and the little kids were in love.  He was pretty darn cute. 


He doesn't have a name, though. 
What do you think it should be?

There were water gun fights
that got pretty comical. 


Sometimes scary...all the adults were yelling at the kids..."Don't go past the line!!"

...of the new wall that our new patio.  Isn't it beautiful?

Katie and I played with the camera.

And it was stinking hot.  We all stunk. 
Just ask Lucille. 

At least we kept the house clean

dirty too.

Part favorite pictures...coming tomorrow!  See you soon.

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  1. Aww....The raccoon is so cute! Well, the un-original name for him would be Bandit, but I like human names for pets......So, I'm thinking.... Walter, Freddy, Steven, or Russell. :)