Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fab Finds

One of the fun things about scouting estate sales is the houses themselves. Today was an awesome find of fabulous 60s decor. Sadly, the house has to be demolished, but oh, I would have wanted to replace the bad bones and move right in with some cleaning and new floors. Check out these kitchen cabinets...metal...aqua...(she drools a little on herself walking through here)

Then there were pink and aqua bathrooms.

I die. Check out the lights next to the mirror here.

And in the bedroom, we found this French provencial cabinet, right?

No, wait. Open that pretty thing up.

I am basically having to drag myself out of here before I come home with mirrored blinds, a TV to repair, and a lucite table. I did get a cute little owl spoon rest, and William found a photo flood lamp we are going to outfit with a tripod and old Kodak for the living room. Ahhhh...summer sales. I love them.

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  1. That house looks amazing. Was it in Dallas? So sad they are tearing it down.=(