Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pink Popcorn Boy! Run!

My vintage magazines make for interesting, inspiring, and funny reading for sure!  For the last day of our little "Treat Week," I thought I would share some vintage recipes, and instead I came across these ads that just made me giggle.  I really wish I had lived in the era of June Cleaver and Betty Draper, but I am not so sure I would have wanted to be COOKING in that era.  Ha!  Look at these ads I pulled from December 1962, 1964, and 1965 Family Circle Magazine.  By the way...the cover price back then?  10 cents.  Cool.(Oh, and I promise a modern recipe at the end of the post!)
Oh my gosh!!  Pink Popcorn Boy might be the star (or scare) of your Christmas Buffet! Haha! Dr. Pepper?

The cake of a "wife" time?  Really? What does that mean, actually?
Oh, gross.

For a minute I thought these cookies were baked with gum.

This popcorn tree is ALMOST as funny as Pink Popcorn Man up there.  I wonder if he could be an ornament on it?

Lemon...nog...Lemonog? pie?  with that jellied fruit from fruitcakes?  Blech. 

Well, now that I have helped you plan your next holiday line-up...
Here's a REALLY GOOD recipe to share when you need a quick, simple dip for parties or whatever...this is from my sweet aunt, and I take it everywhere.  We eat buckets of it when there are 30 plus of us there.  If it's not there on the table, somebody's in trouble.  So, here you go:

1 jar Armour dried beef (near the canned tuna and chicken)
(yes, I know I just gagged at the Spam ad)
1 can Rotel (I use mild)
2 pkgs. cream cheese (I use low fat)
3 or 4 chopped green onions

Here's how I do it.  I am sure my aunt makes hers a little different, but it's still yummy.  Process the dried beef in the food processor, and gradually add the cream cheese in chunks.  Then add the Rotel.  I drain it a little bit, but you need some liquid to make the dip creamier.  Then poor what you have into a mixing bowl, and fold in the chopped green onions.   Serve it in a pretty chip and dip tray with tortilla chips, Fritos, or we also figured out those new Keebler Italian crackers are great with it.  Enjoy!  

I hope you had fun this week! This was a first run at trying something new and adding some friends to the fun.  I have a new line up of things to do this weekend, and I share soon!


  1. These are awesome! I cannot believe you have never had Hot Dr. Pepper with lemon! I grew up on that at Christmas every year! We had a Christmas in the park and they always served it. So good and I hate Dr. Pepper. Haha.

  2. these are beyond awesome and funny!