Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2 hours later...

I know you remember that I have a fetish for vintage paper things, and they are so hard to pass up at estate sales and thrift shops.  I have had this little Christmas paper house in a folder for two years thinking that I would just use them as paper dolls or for scrapbooking.  But when I gathered all of the paper goodies I wanted to use for the holidays, I decided that it was time for an extreme makeover, paper edition.  So, tab by tab, slot by slot, Kate and I put this little house together.  It's precious.  It took forever.  It's sitting on our fireplace hearth so Kate can play Christmas house with the Papa, the Momma, and the children.  We don't know where the heck Santa, Rudolph, Blitzen, and Cupid went.  I think they went for eggnog and left everyone else to deliver the presents.  They are missing.

I wish I knew what the copyright date on this was.  Any guesses?  Tomorrow, I will show you my new, never opened, pretty vintage paper Hallmark  tree!  Yay!  We put that together last night too.  We were super tired after all this paper work!


  1. That is so awesome! I think I have a paper bear you gave me that is wearing the same scarf as the dad! I wonder if it goes with your house? I'll have to get him out of my collage box. Are you starting your xmas cards yet? I want to have a card making session. Let's do it!

  2. I wish I could guess dates on these! They are AMAZING! :) love your fund blog.

  3. it's gorgeous!!! Must have taken a lot of hard work. My favorite are the kids in bed :D