Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here I am!

Hello again, dear ones! Wow...I have been so unbelievably busy, cleaning out, organizing, painting, moving furniture, eating, working on the garage door (ha! yes, I tried to be Tim the Toolman, and it didn't work out so well), and cooking, playing, visiting, shopping, eating some more, and reading.  But, I'm back, and I have tons to share.  

Here's what's coming:

1.  What's on your 2011 Thrift List?

2.  Obligatory Holiday Wrap-Up

3.  Converse Christmas 

4.  The Great (Vintage) Dress Giveaway!  Yes!  I can't wait to tell you about this one.  So much fun for somebody who wins!

5.  Craft space makeover, take two!  Oh, this makes me feel so inspired to create, it's just that pretty.  

For today, I am sharing with you the inaugural estate finds of the new year (but just a few days early).  Estates pretty much cease around here for a few weeks around the holidays, but one digger's fantasy was open today through the weekend, and it was packed.  I came home with pretty vintage sheets (why, oh, why can't I cut them up and make something out of them?  Do you know? But I love seeing them folded into pretty stacks or on my pillows in my big granny chairs), a neat soup pot (does anyone know what the pattern/maker/decade is of this pot?), a BHG cookbook (collection is growing rapidly) and a very unique carved wood flower to hang on the wall. And this time, I got to take my mom with me! Yay!  Take a look at the loot:

Have you been out thrifting lately?  
What did you find?  And has it snowed at your place?  I love snow.

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