Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to decorate with Hershey's Kiss Mr. Miata

*Before I tell this story, I must let you know, so that I don't end up in the dog house (yea, right, like the mom can be in the dog house), that Mr. Miata did help get decorations out of the attic, hung the lights on the house in the dark...yes, in the dark...and fixed my little snowman outside so he was strategically placed with Mr. Claus.  But, here is how he REALLY decorates for Christmas.  *wink*
(I'll save the picture for last)

He loves Hershey's Kisses.  The milk chocolate ones...  We always have them on hand and we always get the holiday wrapped ones for every special season (that's probably not a good idea).  So only once in a while do we have just the plain silver wrappers (this is important for decorating schemes, people). 
I get out my pretty milk glass dishes that my sweet mom-in-law handed down, and fill them with kisses and leave them in his arm's reach (that's probably not a good idea either).
But they look so pretty in there!
After dinner, they are usually his dessert, and then the wrappers start piling up.  But they don't just pile.  He wraps them up in tiny little foil balls.  And is the most important part...he places them in a little row by the candy dish.  See?  Like this:

Oh, but he also makes sure to place them in their color, green, silver... but if he wants to get really festive, he places them one by one in one red, then one green, then one silver.  Then he leaves them there.  Because what would his wife do without these little trails of love, other than smile and sweep them into her hand, and toss them in the trash...and wait for the next holiday line-up? 
He's a true interior decorator, 
that man of mine. And I really do love him. That's why I give him "kisses."


  1. So cute! I love funny little habits like this!

  2. ahhh this is so funny :) your posts are always so light hearted and wonderful...thank you for that!!