Monday, December 6, 2010

I love snow...

 (my little ice cream chair covered last year)
...don't you?  I have a friend near Rochester, NY, that can already hear the snow plow.  I would pack bags and drive north for the winter instead of south, like most birdies do.  We get little bits of Heaven every once in a while...this winter is predicted to be wet but warmer than usual, so I hope that means Texas will be covered in white if only for a day or so, and maybe a few times.  Really, it's not so much for a snow day at school, but for pictures 
like these that 
make the mess so worth it.  

And little red noses on little girl faces that are so happy they got to build a snow kitty. 
 Whole families go outside and throw snowballs and chase and fall and get back up covered and cold and wet, but that's ok, 
let's play some more.
The owls come out to play on my parent's place, and we get pictures like this one mom was able to sneak last year. This was a rare treat...they are beautiful birds. You've seen them on my blog header. And they still live there!  I will keep mom on standby for more pictures for you.
Here is one of my favorite 
winter wishing songs...

Maybe if I play it enough it 
will hurry the snow in?

One last little thing...a warm and snuggly welcome to my new readers!  I'm so glad you are here.  Have a cozy day!


  1. No snow in NC yet!! It's just cooooold! ha

  2. :)wishing a beautiful snow fall for you very soon! we have yet to have snow here and i just can't wait. it's cold, but it's just not the same when there isn't a little bit of snow on the ground :)


  3. how cute! love the little snow cat!

  4. I love the snow too, much to my husbands dismay. We get a lot of snow here in WI, and he is the official captain of the snow removal team at our house. :)

    Love the owls!


  5. oh my gosh! I never knew Mom took that pic...always wondered where you got it. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! We have an owl somewhere out back and we hear him talking ever so often....I will be on snapshot watch now!!!!