Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas: Take 2

Isn't it awesome that we are fortunate to spend Christmas with so much family?  This little slice of joy is from William's side of the family...we always go there Christmas Eve and spend it with his mom, brother, sister, and their families.  We have a Whoville feast of roast beast (prime rib roast) and laugh and drink coffee and eat, eat, eat.  But that's not the most fun tradition...   
You see, the elves move in to Grandma Alice's backyard about a month before Christmas.  They get in her closet and take tissue and lights and string them on the birdhouse outside.   
Then they leave notes.  Lots of notes.   
"Have you been a good girl, Katie?  And we hitched a ride on Grandma's tailpipe to come watch you and Hannah at your 
Christmas dance recital.  
What a great job you did!"  
We can't see the elves, but they always leave a large bag on Grandma's porch right before she comes to visit, with one last note and one little gift for each grandchild...and this year they brought Sonic gift cards.  Man, I wish I was on that elf list.  But Grandma made sure she looked out for me too.  *grin* 
Here are the pictures...
First, Katie and her Uncle John reading the note from the elves.  She loves this part.

 And Hannah and Calie, my nieces, led us in a game of Christmas Family Feud...

Kathy and Alex, my nephew, being silly geese...Kathy made a grand decision that every year, Christmas Eve will now be a  
 Katie and I...
 Is it time to open them yet?  
Is it?  Well, is it?

 This is Grandma Alice...she knows the elves.  You better watch out.
 She'll tell on you next year. 

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  1. You have such cool traditions! Love all your sweet family pics!