Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Take 3: At home and with my family

After a busy Christmas Eve with William's family, we had to try to settle the little miss enough to get her to sleep so that Santa could come barreling through our front door (our chimney isn't clean) and leave Katie her wishes.  And that, he did, and she woke us up at 8 (not too shabby, huh?) with, "Momma, come see, Santa ate the cookies!"  OK, Kate, let us get up...  "Momma!  I got a Pillow Pet!"  (we lay in bed and grin).  We aren't quite sure how she found the pillow pet first, because when Santa comes, all of Katie's stuffed animals have a grand gala around the tree.  They even dance on the light fixtures and some "cat"apult themselves into the Christmas tree.  (I wonder if the cats have anything to do with that?)  Last year, Bart Simpson burned his bum on the light fixture.  Ooops.  We thought something smelled funny.  OK...back to this year.  Here is little punky with a few of her gifts.  

 Dang it, Santa, you forgot to leave a 
light bulb for the Easy Bake!!
 What's in YOUR stocking?
 Santa's crumbs.
Yay!  Toy Story 3!!
The boys were with their dad on Christmas Day this year, so we loaded up Minnie (our MPV) and ventured to Gram and Papa's (my parents) to meet them there.  This year Diesel Dan the Elf and Cousin Eddie the Elf made sure Brady would be ready to go huntin'.  Right down to those new boots (Size 13...he can just use his foot instead of the shotgun).

 And Scooter Sam the Elf brought Bodie some new slider wheels for his scooter, and some new scooter dude clothes.

Papa helped little Maverick open up his gifts, but I don't think he was worried about it much.  
He was just wondering when lunch time was. Isn't he a doll? 

 Uncle Ricky got Kate and Morgan new dolls. Adorable.
 And they both got some makeup to torture their brothers with. 
 Smile, Bo, it's Christmas!
 And Papa got a new grill with lots of accessories.  
Man, I hate that we missed out on those New York strips 
since we had to get William back home for work.
 No snow on the ground's a Texas Christmas for sure.  Last year we plowed through some 12 inches of it up there.  Maybe for Valentine's Day?  But at least we can grill. 


  1. Look at all the good stuff!!! Ah I can't wait to give my daughter and easy bake oven one day and I'll be sure to tell Santa to bring a lightbulb ;)

  2. what a beautiful family you have trina. and an easy bake oven?!? that was my favorite when i was a little girl. i wonder when i have a little one if they will still be popular :)

    and toy story 3...i really need to see that movie. i heard it was quite the tear jerker!

  3. what an awesome christmas! :) glad it was wonderful!

    ps. you've been chosen by moi to receive the 'stylish blogger award'
    so hop on over to my bloggity blog and check it out! :)

    happy weekend!