Wednesday, January 12, 2011

S(n)ow cute....

A brother and sister went out to play in the snow one day 
 He, in shorts...

 And she, in her best guess at what Cyndi Lauper would fashion in such weather...
 And they had friendly snowball fights...
 And gathered snow for a tiny little snowman in the bathroom sink, and a little extra for snow ice cream. 
In to warm their mittens, and back out again to leave no flake abandoned.  For a playground of Texas snow comes as such a rare treat.


  1. First off, I love the title. Adorable. And I love the Cyndi Laupher nod. That snow looks beautiful. I'm so incredibly jealous!

  2. Shorts? BRRRRRR. That makes me cold. :)

    Cute pictures!!