Thursday, January 13, 2011

Squirrel Mulligan?

The thrift shop was a gold mine for vintage books this week.  I spent a whole $1 bill and got two almost perfect condition vintage reads!  The first is a 1967 Southern Living Meats cookbook.  You know that I love to read cookbooks, and this one made me giggle a bit.  
Would you like Squirrel Mulligan for dinner?  (teehee!)  It only takes three squirrels.

And then on Saturday, surprise your family with Saturday Night Special (you could watch Saturday Night Live while you eat, right?)

I wish these had scanned better.  
This book is as clean as a whistle!
Did you know that Southern Living had contributors for their cookbooks?  Each lady's name and her city and state are listed with the recipes in this book, and some of them are the same recipe from different homes.  
So fun to read!

Next I found this textbook, a grade school reader, copyright 1958.  It was 25 cents of that dollar I spent, and I don't think it was ever is pristine.
I love the pictures in old children's books, and I thought for sure I would find some birdies (namely an owl) in this one, and I did!

This one will be fun to read to Katie, won't it?  It even has activity ideas at the end of each of the lessons and stories. 
Alright!  Off to find more recipes to try out on my not so picky eaters this weekend.  Ha!

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  1. I came across your site on FTLOB...great picture featured today!! I saw this recipe for squirrel and I laughed...My current Weight Watchers food guide has the following:

    SQUIRREL: 1oz =1 point

    RACOON: 1oz = 2 point

    So clearly eating the squirrel stew is far better than eating Racoon stew!!