Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

Haha!  I found this posted on The Regal Pup and I thought it was so cute!  
So I am playing along...

The Good:  My vintage suitcase collection is growing. I even got one from my Grandma!
The Bad:  It grew by three this week.
The Ugly:  I had to put some in the attic until I decide what they can store so they can come back out.  

The Good:   I got four loads of laundry done today, even feeling bad.
The Bad:  Two need to be put away. 
The Ugly:  One is still in the dryer.

The Good:  I have a Dyson vacuum.
The Bad:  The cat chews the cord on it. 
The Ugly:  I need to order the third one to replace it since I bought it two years ago.

The Good:  Best Deal Magazines 
The Bad:  Discount that ends today. 
The Ugly:  Don't shop online while you're sick at home.

The Good:  Hubby wants us to join a free weight loss group on Monday Nights with trainers.
The Bad:  I just finished my diet but still need the motivation. 
The Ugly:  Two pounds are haunting me enough to do it anyway.

The Good:  Library books 
The Bad:  I am reading two at a time.
The Ugly:  I filled the bag up heavy enough to hurt my neck.  Ow.

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