Thursday, February 3, 2011

Isn't that the cat's pajamas?

I'm so behind on everything; I have been lazy...and I have been holed up in the house with two kids and two cats for three days, going on four.  I can tell you right now that I have done so little these past few days, that (reposting a Facebook status here) I wound up in the store in my pajama pants.  Please don't put me on the People of Walmart web site.  I was at Target.  And Michaels.  And I had on my big fuzzy fur collar GAP coat, ok?  I had to get out of the house by myself if only for a short hour.  And I was in a hurry to get my shoes on and get out before somebody figured out I escaped.  Whew.  Cabin fever stinks!  
But, while I was out, I used my time wisely perusing the aisles and gathered some inspiration for some cute gift tags, bedroom redo ideas (sheesh, target has a major clearance going on right now with some cute picture frames and all kinds of good things, but, alas, nothing in my cart for now, except hot chocolate and Cream of Mushroom soup), and some gift ideas for Mother's Day.  So, guess what my plans are tomorrow (no school, again)?  I am going to scrapbook!!  I haven't scrapbooked in AGES.   A LONG TIME. And I am going to play with all that paper I have stashed, and see just what happens.  And then, I found this cute little tutorial on Craft Gossip.  Do you have them on your facebook feed?  You should...they churn out ideas like crazy with all the cute crafty folks on there.  Look at these felt Starbucks donuts and coffee cups for the little ones from Sew Homegrown
Katie has just the kitchen for them.  And I have the felt.  So, yay for another snow day!  (But, boo, for when they tell us we have to make them up).


  1. My dining room table is covered in valentine making stuff. you would be proud. Stamps, embossing powder, punch outs, glue, paper doilies! I wish we could magically spend the afternoon together making valentines!

  2. I'm digging the new look of your blog! Anjoy your snow days!

  3. OK so your new blog layout is awesome. seriously so beautiful and fun! and oh my goodness those felt starbucks goodies! for a second i thought they were the real thing:) happy friday, sweet friend!