Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Funny Valentine

This sweet man has been my Valentine for about 7 years now.  He endures countless hours of estate sales (gladly) and likes to show off our treasures just as much as I do.  He makes me laugh until my sides hurt with jokes about the simplest things like 
Toaster Strudel.  
 He snuggles; and he kisses me goodbye in the mornings and hello at night.  He is the best daddy ever because he's a kid at heart himself.  He took swing dance lessons with me and he goes in Victoria's Secret without much of a fuss.  He loves driving fast and he swung me around a few corners on our first date in his Miata...only to leave me asking for another ride soon.
Now he lets me drive that car.  
 He gave me a squirrel kiss on our wedding day and had my grandpa announce it.  He's made me mix CDs and he watches American Idol and Glee.  He loves my cooking; and even though he hates broccoli,  when I fix it, he eats it like Clark Griswold ate dried turkey at Christmas so I'll laugh at him.  
 He leaves me little trails of Hershey Kiss wrappers and leaves messes so I know he's around.  He loves my cats, though he won't admit it; he looks for them to put them in bed with us at night.  He reads silly stories to Katie in funny voices and laughs with the boys about guy stuff and girls.  He hogs the bathroom and has Converse shoes to match every outfit.  He's an artist (he's drawn me as a pinup) and he's super witty and smart.
 He's my soul mate.  I love you, Mr. Miata. Happy Valentine's Day!


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