Friday, March 4, 2011

Fab Friends Friday!

Linking up with FTLOB with some of my favorite reads lately!  My blog reader is so full and I am soooo behind from a super busy week and also a few days at home with a sick little girl, but this weekend is catch-up time!  Here are some of my favorite reads this week: 

She is heading up a Promo for Promo blog love feature that is so, so cool!

I just about died when I saw the guest post on Made from  Saltwater Kids

A retro duffel that is also a fort kit?  Ugh...send me one, please.  I wanna play inside that thing.  So awesome.

And Angel from This Life is Sweet is hosting a vintage photo link-up


Vintage. That's all she had to say.  I'm in.

Who are your favorites these days?  
Link up at's where all the cool kids are.



  1. gonna check out The Perfect Pear * that was my BFF's wedding theme - perfect pear - too cute * *
    happy FRIDAY!!!

  2. This is awesome ! love it :D

  3. I hope you are having a Fabulous Friday! I just have to say how adorable your blog is...I love your header!!!

    Liesl :)