Saturday, March 5, 2011

Polly Pocket gets a car top and her friends sun bathe...

Katie engineered a car part.  Her Polly Pocket car need not be a convertible anymore, and she has been watching (trained by) her daddy moving the hard top from Miata to Miata the past few weeks.  So, enter masking tape, and girl, you you have a stylin' rag top for that convertible now.  The windows are kind of hard to see out of though, I guess.

Hope Polly Pocket doesn't get a ticket and she might have trouble passing inspection.

Meanwhile, her friends (and their horses?) 
sun bathe on the beach 
the side of the bathtub.

I am pretty sure they got their hair washed before they went to the beach. 

Here's the car mechanic AKA salon owner:
I'm not sure if I would contact her to fix your car or your hair; 
I heard her fees are high.



  1. Haha that's awesome!! Work hard (car part), play hard (tanning by the bathtub), right?

    Visiting from FTLOB :)

  2. So fantastic! What a little thinker she is with the masking tape idea!