Friday, April 22, 2011

Feed the Birdies Vintage is Here! (New) Vintage Papers for you...

Finally!  Finally!  Finally!  I have been talking about this for a looooonnnnngggg time, and here it is!  I am so excited to introduce 
Feed the Birdies Vintage:
  a little bit of paper in a whole lot of time.  My papers are 100% hand-picked and cut from all of the many estates and thrift shops that we have scoured in our area (and sometimes further away).  I pride myself on what I pick, and I only look for the most fun, unique items including not only papers, but tags, labels, cards, ribbons, lace (most hand crocheted), buttons, ric rac, school supplies, and tons of little pieces and pages to document journeys and inspiration from A to Z.  While some of my ideas for using the paper may not be one of a kind (in fact I will spotlight and source the creator of the DIYs I will use), my papers are uncovered from treasure troves of coveted belongings.  
Here, take a look (I can hardly wait for you to see!):

 First is the Just-A-Note Journal, folded and stitched with found ledger paper from an estate.  Remember back in the late 70s and 80s when you would write a letter to your bestie, fold it, stamp it, and send it on its way? Now you can carry one in your purse and use it every day! Each Just-A-Note is different...there are many styles including floral, butterflies, wildlife (owls...eeep!), and scenery.  It includes a sewing pattern punched flower, vintage hand-crocheted lace, and bits and pieces of tags, cards, paper coasters, and tiny greeting card records.  Use it for a much prettier check register than your bank sends, a place to document inspiration while shopping, or to document daily life. Each kit comes ready for you to put it together, and no two are alike! 
Just-A-Note Journal--$5

Next is the Feed the Birdies Vintage Nesting Pack, a plethora of vintage findings that can outfit an entire mini-scrapbook, a collage, or just to use in individual crafting projects (or hoard them for yourself).  You will find vintage Go Fish, Animal Rummy, napkins, paper coasters, comics, buttons, labels, book pages, cookbook pages, map pieces, doilies, and all kinds of treasures to find new loving homes for.  **See the vintage thank you on the front of the package with the Feed the Birdies label?  Those are from a wedding in 1958.  I can't wait to show you what else I found with them.**  
Feed the Birdies Vintage Nesting Pack-- $8

 **UPDATE:  order here for now!
Feed the Birdies on Etsy

For now, orders will be taken via email until my We Heart Shops shop is created. Email feedthebirdies(at)gmail(dot)com to order your handmade journal kit or nesting pack. (You will be able to choose your papers for the journal as soon as they are photographed and listed!)Shipping will be figured individually for each order at this time, based upon USPS rates.

More product coming later tonight, including paper flower hairpins (I'm giving some away today at Eisy Morgan!) and vintage map wrapping with upcycled bows!  I need to edit more pictures and package a few more goodies for you to see!  Happy shopping, doll!



  1. How exciting! I love paper products AND vintage - you thought of two perfect things to put together for your shop.

    ps: you're so cute!

    eat and write

  2. This is great! I love vintage paper and sometimes it's so hard to find. xo