Monday, May 2, 2011

Long, lost blog friends...every day...all week!!!

I have been MIA from my blogging friends, and I miss them.  I really miss them.  So I've decided that every day this week, I will visit four blogs and read what I have missed, and leave comments to show them that I still think they are the shiz and that I still love what they share, write, and do.  Then I will turn right around and share with you my four favorite posts from their blogs, and spread some virtual hugs and kisses and hope that you might find some new friends too.  These will be all from my current reader list, so you might have heard me mention them, or you might not have, but I love them just the same.  Stick around...lots of fun to be had around here this week! Feel free to join me...don't you miss your friends, too?


1 comment:

  1. I am inspired. I read tons of blogs and never comment, especially when they have a hundred already. So...I'm going to comment on 5 blogs today, starting with yours!