Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mid-week, Mid-century: Furniture Arrangment

Welcome to Mid-week, Mid-Century on FTB!  I have rescued and collected tons of decorating books from the 1950s and 1960s that I love to sit and read at night.  You have seen little bits and pieces of my furniture and home, and now I will share details and where my inspiration comes from with you.  I'll try to post this feature each Wednesday, and give you valid tips on how we thrift, bargain, and haul home every piece of mid-century heaven we showcase in our home.  

Better Homes and Gardens must have published tons of books in series and in category and I love to find them at estates.  If you have never sat down to read one, it's highly entertaining and very inspiring to read and see exactly how decor was planned during those mid-century years.  The latest book I brought home was a BHG Decorating Ideas from 1960, and there were a few things I'm going to use in my own home. 

First, the book goes into detail about dividing rooms with pieces of furniture rather than walls, and how to arrange the furniture for maximum area use and ease of traffic.  Above is one arrangement that I especially liked.  The long table in between the chairs is great for guests to sit and share a drink and talk.  Here is how I arranged my two chairs after seeing this, and I am actually thinking of moving our long table in between the to chairs much like the picture in the book.

Next, we all know that Zenith has a special place in our home, and soon she will be the spotlight of the room.  This tip (top left of page) in the BHG book made me laugh a little (funny how technology has spoiled us from then until now...)

"Plan Comfortable Seating Space Near the Television:  Even if you have a selector system (is that a remote??) you'll want to adjust television tuning yourself from time to time.  Place a chair near the set for comfort." 

Haha!  I think I might have to put two chairs on either side of ours when we get it placed.  

Just for grins, here is one picture of how our needlepoint wall is looking with the sofa.  So should I move that table or not? 


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