Monday, July 25, 2011

{Girls like...Thrifting} Guest post with Courtney from Vintch

This afternoon, we are off on a thrifting adventure with Miss Courtney from Vintch.  She is one of my favorite bloggers and her writing is breathtaking.  Be sure to say hello!

On the art of thrifting

We’re an eclectic bunch, us thrifters. We brave musty old warehouses and early morning flea markets. We haggle with the best of them and our heart falls to our knees when we find that perfect condition vintage blouse, typically tucked between two awful corduroy jumpers with sew-on appliqués of apples and rulers.

We travel miles during our lunch break to our favorite little haunt. The one right off the highway that most passersby just drive right past. We drag our husbands, boyfriends, sisters and mamas along. To the antique malls where everything’s too expensive but tantalizingly beautiful. To the bargain bins in the middle of run-down strip malls, and the consignment shops on the corner of main and fifth where the wealthy drop off their barely used pea coats.

We do it to belong. To pull over our heads a sweater from the 1960s that has seen its fair share of ambrosia, dinner parties and Sundays on the front lawn. To wear a coat that has had an entire life lived within its sleeves. Because it’s more than clothing. More than an absolute steal (and what an absolute steal you can find sometimes!) It’s a conglomeration of memories.

Of course there are those awful items. That hat you’re scared to put on your head, or that dress with the long sleeves that smells like a mixture of cigarette smoke and kittens. I’ve found more than one tissue shoved in the pockets of my skirts.

But sometimes, if you take the time to really hunt, to enjoy those low fluorescent lights and 90s soft rock, you will stumble upon a treasure. A true gem among the rubble. And it makes it all worth it. And with every compliment you receive, you join in. On the collection of souls past that have donned the very same dress draping your shoulders. It’s a quirky family tree, that’s for certain. With branches intersecting and overlapping in one giant, devastatingly beautiful, circle. 

Thank you, miss Courtney.  I so love all the stories and treasures and wonders of what I find out on a thrift hunt.  Stop by Courtney's blog, Vintch, and visit her shop!  Leave a comment here of what you find amazing.  Courtney is giving away a $25 shop credit in our big giveaway on Friday, so come back every day for more ways to enter!
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