Friday, July 29, 2011

{Girls create!} Guest Post with Alexz from Bird Trouble

Hey ya'll! My name is Alexz from Bird Trouble! I run a handmade bag shop and a little personal craft portfolio + inspiration blog. Trina asked me to guest blog this week and I immediately said yes. Little did I know, my brain has been over consumed by our move next week. I knew I was going to move, I just didn't know how fast the week would go. So thank you Trina for giving me this chance and putting up with my disorganization! ;)

Girls like to: CREATE!

The blog world is a wonderful way to connect to people you have things in common with. A shared common we probably have: creating things! If it's sewing, pottery, cutting hair, making bird houses, cooking, making finger paint messes with your kids, and so on! We all like to work with our hands, and even if you don't think so, we're all creative in our own ways. Being apart of the blog world, we get mingle, get inspired, lurk, and meet others.

I love to sew and give materials a new purpose. Today, I'll share a few projects I've done!

Recently, I made a tote bag from a thrifted kimono! Super easy peasy!

I'm also really excited about this day backpack that I made out of a vintage work apron. The apron looked like those you would see at a butcher. You know those white ones? Well this apron was a heavy cream canvas, and it has paint splatter on it with a look of vintage wear. As soon as I saw it, my mind started running with ideas and this is what I came up with:

What is one "creation" or a hobby you love to do?
Come say hi to me on my blog! I'd love to read and learn about what you love to do!

Thanks, Alexz!  I love the Kimono bag...that is adorable.  :)  I think I should try that for a book bag this year.  And I'm so glad that you made some time to post!  Moving is rough...ugg.

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