Saturday, July 30, 2011

My craigslist friend...

Mr. Miata and I have dear friends, Graham and Natalie, that we met through craigslist. What? You don't have a craigslist friend? They bought a vintage turntable/coffee table cabinet from us a few years ago and stayed for an hour...talking...we have very similar tastes in decor (they have 50s mostly and we have 60s) and the rest is history. They have done some super cool remodeling to their home and have great finds in there too. It's nice to have friends that appreciate your tastes and not think you're a complete crack-up. :) Tonight, we went to Natalie's Christmas/birthday party...

Graham and Natalie in front of their chalkboard door.

So awesome...see the ornaments on his antlers?

Watching Elf. Cool lamp in the corner.

Little tinsel tree.

Christmas, I mean, birthday gifts. It looks like Christmas, though, doesn't it?

See the color wheel? They have the best aluminum tinsel tree ever.

And the best window to put it in front of. For the record, the neighbors did text her and tell her she had a Christmas tree in her window and wondered what was wrong with her. Ha! There were lots more holiday decorations too.

A feast...gah...we ate way too much! Isn't the ceramic tree cute? Their friends were super fun too, and some like to hunt for vintage just like we do.

So how are you cooling off this hot summer? I think this has just started a string of snowy posts to divert my attention from the 107 degree forecast. Ugg.

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. I think it's cool that you all met this way!! Perfect way to meet people with your same interests... I love it :)

  2. hahaha! I want to have a birthday Christmas party!!! What a fun idea!