Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Happiness Project: Week #1

Pretty Miss Lindsay at Scenic Glory is starting a new challenge today, based on the book, The Happiness Project, that she read earlier this year.  
Her first goal is to DECLUTTER.  So awesome.  Since we have moved, I have done a pretty good job of getting rid of things.  I emptied 6 tubs (the big ones) of things that I no longer wanted or needed from my scrapbook stash.  That was epic!  I have decided that my first goal will be to finish the opening of my shop, and continue to populate and promote it for a great opening starting tomorrow!  I will have a special post for my shop opening tomorrow!  Yay!  Finally my ideas have formed into one specific union of vintage treasures and handmade lovelies.  You won't want to miss it...

So GOAL #1:  Open Shop!  

Link up at Lindsay's place with your goals...she would love to have you...and you won't be sorry you stopped by; her blog is as beautiful as she is!
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  1. Hello, whilst on the hunt for some new blogs to follow, I came across yours. Really enjoyed reading your posts & am now following you.
    Would be great if you had a look at my blog and if you like the content maybe be a follower.

  2. :O I am so excited for you! A shop! How fun!!! And what a great first goal. I totally know how hard de-cluttering is (in fact, it is also my goal) so totally good for you on doing so! :D

  3. ooh great first goal. mine is to exercise again! my post isn't going up till tomorrow but i am loving the whole project idea! x