Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thirsty Thursday! Pink Panty Martinis

Pink Panty Martinis make any "girl's night out" that much more awesome.  This recipe is from my cousin's bridal shower this spring.  It'll help you cool off from all this hot summer sun, and it tastes super yummy too!  Oh, and {Girls like...} week is coming up on Monday, so don't we need a little something in advance to usher it in?  I think so.  Here you go.  Enjoy! 

Pink Panty Martinis

1 can frozen Raspberry Lemonade
1 2 liter bottle of diet sprite or 7UP
1 bottle of raspberry vodka

Mix the lemonade concentrate with three cans of sprite or 7UP instead of water.  Add one-half to one can of raspberry vodka.  Mix in more sprite/7UP if desired.  Pour over ice and garnish as you wish.  So, so good! 

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  1. that looks yummy!! i'll have to file this recipe away for after baby comes...

  2. looks delicious! also i love your profile cute!