Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feed the Bunnies

We found a nest of bunnies in the neighbor's yard today. What a sweet fuzzy little nest of snuggles. We couldn't help but stay a while. I'm glad the neighbor put a sign up for the mowers tomorrow. There are five little ones in there. 

Tonight reminds me of when I was a little girl, and we raised rabbits.  When the new little ones were about this size, Grandma Betty would let us take them in the house with us.    They would scurry up our pants legs for a warm place to snuggle.  And we always got excited when the next litter was born.  We watched the momma pull her fur to build the nest mixed with hay, in cold and in warm months, for her babies.  When they were a bit older, we would take them to 4-H shows...a pen of three or a doe.  We had Rexs, New Zealand Whites, Dwarfs, and Mini-Lops.  What a neat experience to grow up raising these creatures.  Of course, we didn't think at the time it was too terribly neat...the work anyway.  But now I wish my own kids could learn the responsibility and care that I learned.  Did you grow up on a farm?

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  1. There so cute, what a find. Didn't grow up on a working farm but surrounded by farms. We had ducks, my sis had a horse and the neigbours had cows that we used to milk. It was cool when we were young oh and who can forget the 7 Old English Sheepdogs we used to push around in our prams when they were puppies. Great childhood.x

  2. omg the little bunieeees!! I've never seen them when so young, i can't take it, lolol.. I love animals, it doesn't get any cuter than this, LoL.



  3. Come to NYC anytime! You're invited :-)

  4. Aw these are so sweet! I had a rabbit as a childhood pet, and several of my friends grew up on huge farms, but I have never lived on one myself!

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  5. Oh how cute! We have wild rabbits all over our development here and I love watching them run around the yards....