Friday, August 5, 2011

Mid Century Score!

I'm blogging from my recently found daybed. Isn't it fabulous?? Cassie and I met at the most awesome estate sale in Dallas today...a house of mid-century modern heaven, right down to the light fixtures and wallpaper...and we didn't even have to hold our breath, it was so clean! We bought these matching daybeds...she took one and I the other, and we have made them a new nook in our houses...they are ours...because guys don't get daybeds. Well, except for the cat. Ha!

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  1. Such a classic! Love your beautiful cat too.

  2. YIPEE! I just posted pictures of mine! I'm so glad we have been able to see each other a few times this summer. One more visit is in order. I think you need to come visit me for an iced coffee and PB&J!!!!!!

  3. How cute!! The daybed AND the kitty!