Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You wear me out!

That's what Miko has to say about us going back to school, anyway. I wonder what the kitties think when we are all suddenly gone all day after being home all summer? It seems like we just took a long Christmas break. Summer went to fast for me...but I will be very glad to get rid of this hot, hot, dry weather.
Here we are, headed to kindergarten and high school!

I thought we might get a drop of rain this afternoon when some clouds and high wind blew through like a banshee, but not one little bit. I even left the windows down on the car.

I'm reading this book right now. Wow. I have her next one waiting on me when I finish it. I have pretty much devoured it.

Still Alice

I made more journals out of found papers and those old heavy green filing folders. They have all kinds of things in them....just need to be bound. I'm not sure what I am going to use them for, but writing is going to be good for the soul this year. And I can't wait for 30 Lists to start.

I'll have a Thrifty Tuesday post for you hopefully on Thursday...I'm running behind! We found lots of great stuff last week, and have some we're keeping. You saw the awesome atomic TV...there's more. :) See ya later, alligator.

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  1. Oh how cute is your little girl. As for the cats, they probably lead a double life and are on some secret mission while we are all at work.Or maybe I let my imagination run away with me a little too much and they are just sleeping all day. Either way a cat leads a great life.

  2. I got rain! woohoo! I even had to use my windshield wipers!

  3. These are great pictures!! How cute you all are :)