Friday, September 23, 2011

41 wishes

My birthday was Wednesday. 41! I don't mind counting, though, and if you are on your way to your 40s don't sweat it...they are awesome!
William surprised me at work with roses, balloons, and a moose pillow pet ( fun!)...and he hung a Hello Kitty birthday bunting in my classroom.

And then my friends at work brought chocolate and a Sonic card...and then a delivery at lunch from my sissy came with gourmet popcorn, balloons, and a Sonic card too. Yay for Route 44 fountain drinks on the way to teach 168 Freshmen!

Here is one more shot of those pretty roses on Day 3.

They stayed at work with me until today and now they are decorating my kitchen island. :) Birthdays make a girl happy!

-Birdie on the go...