Saturday, September 10, 2011

LOST: Season Premiere

Ha! I gotcha! I wish it was going to start again. Don't you miss it? Mr. Miata and I may watch the whole series again. Even though we know how it ends (I think they were in Heaven at the end, and the whole series was the hell that dying is, what do you think?) I want to see it again to pick out all the tiny pieces we missed, and put more pieces together, although, really, the writers didn't want us to be able to do that anyway.

Until then, I'll admire my little Hurley bus that William painted for me. It used to be a metal yellow Tonka bus. I wish I had a "before" picture for you. It was his when he was a little boy, and he sanded it, taped it off meticulously, and painted it Hurley colors for me. I would love to have a real one, wouldn't you? :)

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  1. Gaahhhhh I was so incredibly scary obsessed with LOST. I cried every episode of the last season. And then the end.. FOR REAL? So disappointing. I want a do-over. But I do not regret watching it for six years. I honestly wanted it to go on forever. I don't even care if all the mysteries were solved! haha