Saturday, October 29, 2011

My clothes make me mad

I've determined with very scientific evidence that my clothes can make or break my day.  Friday they broke it. And it was jeans day!  Here's how it went down:

7:05--layer school t-shirt with pull on school hoodie for spirit day
7:06---twist hair into highly fashionable clip on top of head, 80s style
7:07--find pair of socks matched (that's rare) in extra bedroom
7:08--socks on.  pull on jeans (they are the only thing that saved grace today)
7:09--start yanking on hoodie neck because it is a little snug
7:10--new New Balance tennis shoes on (laces moved down one eyelet from previous clothing disaster) tie them loose, but double knot
7:15--contacts itching; did I get eyeshadow in my eye
7:25--walk to the car; sock is starting to smush up; toes trying to move it around; I HATE that
8:00--arrive at work; visit a co-worker, and realize the string to  my hoodie is pulled out all the way on one side, and no string on other side.  no wonder it's tight.  stuff hoodie string down inside so it doesn't show.
8:04--unclip hair, twist back up; add an extra small clip for the strays
8:05--eyes still itch.  going to class.
9:20--ate too many sweets from the Halloween Bake-Off.  now jeans are snug.  but they still button...hey!  we've got something here!
9:55--take hair down; twist back up; forgot extra clip was in there; ouch.
10:00--run to hobby lobby to get Halloween napkins.  Put purse on cross body.  Go to take it off to get in the car, and it gets stuck on the hood of my sweatshirt.  The hoodie is not winning the game.
10:40--back at school; take shoe off; adjust sock.  whew.  that's better, until I start walking again.
12:30--eyes itch.  contacts bothering me.
3:45--leave school with purse stuck on hoodie, sock bunched up, contacts itching
4:00--trying to drive in car and take off right shoe to discard sock; put it in park at a stop light so I can do that.  put shoe back on without untying it.
4:05--realize hair clip is giving me a headache.  take it out and don a nice clip bump with wild curls.  gosh, i need new color.
4:10--yank hoodie off at next stop light.  arms get stuck.  light turns green so I drive off with one arm in and one out, hoodie bunched up around neck.  
4:15--pull into school to pick Kate up.  take off rest of hoodie.  decide I better put hair clip back in.  walk in with flopping tennis shoe.
4:17--Katie walks out with tennis shoes untied and flopping on her feet.  informs me she wants slip on shoes.  proceeds to unlace shoes completely in the car. 
4:35--walk into house; all clothes in a neat pile on the floor immediately.  find pajamas.  why can't we wear those to work??
4:35.5--yes, that's how fast I got clothes off, take contacts out and wash face, put glasses on.


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  1. LOL! I have totally had one of those days. Thank goodness for sweat pants!