Friday, November 25, 2011

On hunting vintage paper...and healing

My friend, Cassie, always says I find the best vintage paper. I have so many boxes of it...copy paper size boxes... that I almost feel like I have too much and sometimes have to pitch the stinky piles or the envelopes that are brown or curled on the edges from years of storage. These pictures show the vintage Current stationery and some birthday invitations I found today (estate sales on Black Friday are the best, by the way)... I love picking up birthday invitations for children; just the two or three left from a stack of 8...the leftovers from when parties were small and with just a few close little friends. I can imagine a trip to the local five and dime to pick the most joyful stack...the Hallmark crown on the back. And then saving a few for years. I'll use them for Katie or just pilfer through the box every once in a while for a bit of paper didn't know paper could heal, did you? 

P.S. Speaking of healing, my little blog has been neglected because I am doing just that. Healing. I finally had my neck surgery. Scary, but I am 100% thrilled with the results so far. But, until I go back to work, sifting through these boxes is a quiet, doctor approved way to spend a little bit of time. :) 



  1. Vintage paper galore! You are so lucky, to have all these treasures.