Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New York City?

I've thought about and written in stone (since they are posted here) my new year's resolutions.  Although I want to lose weight (don't we all?), that is not on the list this year.  I have much more important things to do. 
  1. Use my cookbooks.  No more dinners on the fly, unless absolutely necessary. It doesn't take THAT much more effort to use a recipe.
  2. Re-invent our cash system budget. With cute envelopes.
  3. Buy a Dodge Challenger with cash.  Yep, you'll see me rollin'. In Kermit the Frog metallic green with black race stripes.  Ha.  OK, maybe silver.  Or red.
  4. Weed out the unnecessary, including the "stuff" that drifts in my house (or, really, gets drug in tossed onto the kitchen counter until we figure out we didn't need it in the first place).
  5. Read one book each month on my Kindle.
  6. Read two books each night with Katie.
  7. Research, plan, and book a trip to New York City.  I have an obsession with this one. 
  8. Run.  A lot.
  9. Launch a vintage paper monthly art journaling/scrapbooking kit club right here, on Feed the Birdies, and fill my shop with things you'll love.  I've hoarded them way too long.
  10. I'll leave this one open just in case I come up with another bright idea.  It's good to keep your wheels spinning. 
 See you next year! 

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  1. Sound like good resolutions to me! Keep me posted on your vintage paper parties!