Saturday, January 21, 2012

Catching up on Christmas...

I just realized that the family members that read Feed the Birdies, while they like to see the vintage that we find, they also LOVE to see pictures.  And I just emptied my camera card last week.  Slow.  So this post catches everyone up on Christmas. 

We have a huge family...and we meet for the holidays in different places.  One of my favorites is the old Frieberg Cooper Community Center with its creaky wooden floors and gas space heaters in the wall...the stage at the front and the kitchen with the vintage cabinets...and the tables of food and even more tables of running everywhere...Santa comes to see us and we ALL get to sit on his knee if we want to.  We crossed out the traditional Christmas dinner and had fajitas, tacos, and all kinds of trimmings and afterthoughts.  Grandma gave Katie her Shirley Temple doll. We fuss over who gets the best gift card in a swap of 20 something piled on the floor. And then a hot chocolate tailgate party at the end...the kids loved that.  And we loved watching them.  These photos are unedited...I like them candid.