Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Sprinkles: Little Golden Books

Would you believe we didn't make it to one estate sale this weekend? Exhaustion...burn out...just plain didn't have the want to change out of my pajamas...and neither did anyone else. So, no Sprinkles cupcakes for us today. But we did have slices of Chris' Outrageous Chocolate Cake and Linda's Fudge Cake in the frig from dinner at Cheesecake Factory last night, so no need to feel sorry for us. :) Oh, and we saw the Dallas Symphony Orchestra perform. That's another post on the way. Beautiful!

No estate sales means no new treasures, but I've been cleaning out and going through a lot, and I found some treasures in my own house this week. Miss Rachael Denbow had posted a picture of this Little Golden Book, I Can Fly, on Instagram a while ago, and I wanted to find it too, but it turns out that not only had I already bought it at some point for Katie, but I also have my mom's copy from when she was a little girl. Surprise! Mom's copy is from 1950, given to her in 1952. It's seen better days, but the pictures in this book are so cute it doesn't matter much.

I dug some more through books we've been collecting since we had decided they were what would be featured in Katie's nursery, and I found more that I love. 

Cars for Daddy and Katie to read...I think that picture is of she and I in our future red sports car. Precious.
And then here are the books of my mom's that I have. I've got to find a way to save them. That's going on the list of future projects. What would you find if you went on a digging adventure in your own house?


  1. Love the little golden books. I am always on a look out for them at yard sales and thrift shops.

  2. I love these books! Mister Ed and Frosty are just so cool!

    If I went thrifting in my house I would find some wonderful things passed down to me by my grandparents and parents. Among them would be old sheet music for the piano, straight razors, a collection of cards given to my mother when she was a child, and a family Bible in German. Fun stuff for sure!

  3. These books just totally bring me back to my, I love it! I recently came across my old Dr. Seuss and Paddington Bear books. Now I have to clean them up, so I can pass them down to my son:) Oh and chocolate cake..yes please!!!

  4. Every time I see an instigram I regret not getting the iPhone. Hopefully it will come to my Android soon. Love all the Golden Books. I have a huge box full of my childhood ones sitting here.

  5. I was just going through a Rubbermaid container this week, full of books that belonged to my kids in the 80's and a few of my old ones too, I think I need to do a blog post on them as well!

  6. i often stumble on books that aren't necessarily in the best condition but the pages are just perfect for framing and displaying as art. the little goldens are a perfect example!