Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two Uses for Vintage Photos

We see lots of vintage photos at estate sales, and I've struggled with using them on projects until I finally gave in and made some cards with them for the new year.  I sent them out to a few friends and they loved them!  If you look closely at the pictures we've found, there's a story behind them, whether it's one we've imagined or one that's written on the back, and I think that they make the best prompts for quick witted cards or journaling.  See the kitties in the top left corner??  My bestie and I were trying to figure out why the random shot.  Did they get a new camera and want to try the first shot to make sure it worked?  And what were those cats doing?  Eating grasshoppers?

With Kam and Amy about kicking off 30 Lists, I was thinking of ways to incorporate some of these photos in my lists, and here are two simple uses anyone can try.

1.  Place an assortment of photos in your scanner and make a color copy on sticker paper.  The image you see above are a few I chose.  I used and bought the Standard White Matte sticker paper in 8.5"X11" sheets.  It is scored in the back to remove the stickers easily.  I printed in color with standard options. Trim around each photo and round the corners if you wish, and then place them where you find the need to add a little bit of whimsy. I used the one of the guys in leather football helmets for my page about challenges to accept.  Perfect for the prompt!

2.  The second option is to copy the images and print them on heavy white or eggshell card stock.  I would recommend about an 80lb. weight.  You might need to use a lighter card stock if your printer won't feed the heavier weight.  Once printed, trim them, punch a hole on one end, and use them for tags.  The one you see below has two chickens walking down a sidewalk on the right.  Perfect for Feed the Birdies!  I like to hand write my tags.  It's just a little extra personal touch I add in to each package I ship.  You can make gift tags, store tags, tags for photo books, or labels for your filing system. So many great options to do with these copies!

These are both super cheap and easy ideas for using your old photos!  I have more that I will share soon.  Happy copying! 

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