Sunday, April 22, 2012

Apron Top Tutorial from cassiecakes

Cassie from cassiecakes makes the cutest apron tops and sells the fire out of them in the summer time.  Trust me, Texas summers are brutal, and breezy tops like these make it a little more bearable.  She posted the tutorial of her tops and I tried it out last week.  It is so easy to follow and I had one put together in two hours.  I think I could probably make a second one in less than that...simple cuts and easy stitching, a little bit of ironing, and voila!

Cassie's a pretty crafty little seamstress...and her recipe and cooking adventures are fun too.  You can find her here and shop with her here.  

Here is my top in black/white polka dots.  I chose two fabrics, but you can use just one. Sorry for the blurry pictures!  Quick ones my daughter took for me.  :)

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