Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Make a Disneyland Mini-Book from 1970 Postcards

Here's the book that will travel with us!  I can't pack much to journal with since the overweight luggage fee is astronomical, but this, a pen, and some adhesive will fit just fine in my backpack to carry on.  The postcard book I cut up was just a buck at an estate sale, and I added in some new papers and a few other things. Here's what it looked like before.  (It was one of the books that folded all the cards up envelope style).

And then I cut it up.

The good thing about jump rings is that it's easy to move things around if I want to, and they are forgiving if you punch your holes a bit off line, like I always tend to do.

There's glitter paper for the castles, of course.  And lots of travel stickers and accessories from my Studio Calico kits.

The It's a Small World postcard accidentally wound up next to a piece of cardstock with a world map. Perfect spot for it!

And here's the back. But I'm going to add a more sturdy piece of chipboard I think and cover it in vintage Mickey wrapping.

Only six more sleeps til Disney!

Have you used any cool vintage postcards in a mini book?  I'm always on the lookout since I found these along with a set of Grand Canyon ones.  Maybe they will also inspire our next trip plans!


  1. I love anything vintage AND Disney! This is so very cool!! Love it!

    1. Awww...thank you! I was never a huge Disney fan until we took our daughter I have an eye open for anything vintage Disney. It's just awesome! I have more in my shop if you would like to see...the link is in the sidebar (Nest924). I found some old 1950s games not too long ago. :)