Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vintage office pencils and hallmark paper finds from estates

I've been lucky and have uncovered some fun office and paper finds at estates lately.  A Gevalia coffee box was full of old pencils and pens and Dennison labels, and then I ran across a sale that had tons of new old stock Hallmark invitations and stationery.  Lookee!

Do you know how to play Canasta?  It's a game of rummy that is played with two decks of cards, and there are several ways to play depending on how many players you have.  I don't know how to play, but these old playing cards are going to be great for Christmas Project Life pages.

I almost squealed when I found this box of new old stock stationery and the invitations and cards above and below.  But instead, I parked my rear in the floor and went through it all, and here's what I chose.  I believe most are late 1960s, but some did not have copyright dates on them.  One of these days I'll figure out how to date Hallmark.

Dennison labels are always on my list, and these were kind of dusty, but look how cool they are.  Christmas ideas once again.  Don't you think?

Here's why I tell you to search the garage.  These two tins for typewriter ribbon were in a garage with nails in them.  Sweet.  I'll add them to the shop with bits of ephemera soon. The Blaisdell pencils are almost a full box of those wax wrapped pencils.  I remember seeing them at my grandma's and I always liked peeling the paper off.  They are used to mark on glass and china, but I always wrote straight on the note pad at the telephone table.

Remember these eraser pencils with the brush on them?  I never could figure out how in the world to use them, so I did a bit of research.  The end of the pencil erases and the brush sweeps away the dust.  Who knew?  I always thought the brush was supposed to erase. Haha.

The Scripto business pencils you see with the eraser pencils are from a government office.  They are the same color as the barrel, but a very bold tip.  These will be fun to use! I can't find a date on the instruction sheet, either.  Gosh...I wish they knew back then that somebody would want to know someday!  And that pretty Pink Pearl wax pencil is from Eberhard Faber.  Katie has claimed it but for now it's hidden away.  Do you remember playing with any of these?

Hope your weekend has been grand.  I've had a bit of sad times around here and that has pushed my launch of the Kid Vintage Craft series back a week.  I'll see you Friday, though, with the first one.  Just need some great light to photograph, and it looks like a beautiful week is in store here. As always, thanks for reading and for letting me share my finds!

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