Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Letters to my sisters

Hello, Dear,

There are two sweet girls that I have been able to call "Dear" for quite some time now, and I am very lucky to also call them "sister."  I've been writing lots of letters as of late, and as Valentine's Day is coming closer, it's only perfect that I write to two pieces of my heart.  Their names are Marie and Victoria.

My sisters and I live about 3 1/2 hours apart.  Thank goodness for social media and text messaging; it seems like we talk almost every day.  Sometimes the front will be quiet for a bit, but then one of us will send  a thought and we pick back up again.  It's funny how you can miss some time together, but there's always an unspoken connection that keeps you with each other anyway.  And it's funny how, even though we are miles apart, our spirits are quite similar and our hearts are cut from the same cloth.  And if you just catch a glimpse of of our faces, our dark eyebrows and frequently present smiles are a dead giveaway...we are sisters.

I miss them much and wish I could spend Sunday lunches and weeknight shopping trips with them, just like sisters would do.  Instead, we make up for that time when we are together and then text and Facebook like mad until we see each other again.  Sometimes "again" is far too long.

There are many years between my age and theirs, but it doesn't matter one bit, and I can't wait to be the sister at their weddings and their cheerleader when they become mothers.  For that means we still have many of life's little challenges to stroll through together. I'm the lucky one.

Hug your sister today if you have one, whether you can walk down the hall to her or send her a squeeze in a letter.  Until next time.


(Supplies:  "Hello, Dear" stamp from Michael's several years ago, envelopes from Lang, vintage labels by Dennison (estate sales), "Special" notepad (estate sale), quail stamp by Stampin' UP!, wheel stamp from Studio Calico kit, floral washi tape from Dollar Tree, glitter hearts from Dollar Tree)

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