Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ideas for Using Old Photo Slides in Everyday Projects

On Sunday, we talked about whether or not you should buy those old photo slides and slide mounts you might see at an estate sale or thrift shop.  If you do bring some home, here are a few ideas for using them. You don't want them to just sit around in a box (you would have left them there if you did)...enjoy them!

Use them to frame or highlight part of a picture, such as a flower or a kiss! I've used this slide mount to frame part of this photo of my husband and I that I had printed on a Moo card. Add a few layers of patterned card stock and any embellishments you choose, and you've got a pretty nifty Project Life card to add to your pages.

You could also:
  • use the frame as a "word window" to frame a word in your art journal
  • make a cute little gift tag for the next package you need to deliver
  • take the slide (with negative) and have it printed and hang some cool art on your walls
  • show your friends what you found, and put on a neat vintage slide show at your next party! 

I'm crazy over finding these now, because the last few boxes have been treasures.  I hope that you will watch for them, too!  What would you use them for? 

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