Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Using Vintage: Sending USED Christmas Cards and a Winner!

This has been the most fun I've ever had sending mail.

Not too long ago, I used a vintage birthday card (that had already been used) for my mother's-in-law birthday. I left the original signature in the card, and signed ours near it...weird? Maybe so, but it brought a smile, because someone none of us knew also had a part in wishing her a happy day. It's a card with a bit of history included.

I mentioned on my Instagram post of the process that I don't think I will ever send a "new" Christmas card again, because some of the cards I've sent this week have included the original letters that were sent with the cards the first time (most dating back to the 1940s and 1950s). What a treat it will be for my friends to get them in the mail! I might even manage to convert a few into this little vintage sector of mine.

Let's start a trend together! I have tons of vintage Christmas cards. Really, that should read TONS. I've put a few in my shop and plan to list more, but I was wondering how I could show you that it's ok to send a used vintage card and not just cut them up for the images. (I wouldn't recommend reusing last year's cards, however.)

I've pulled my favorites from my big drawer full, and this is what I am doing with them. You can do the same, or put your own twist on this little project!

Add a family photo:

(Could you just die over the cuteness of ours this year? I'm so proud of her.)

Add our signature or name (then I drew a little arrow with the word "and" pointing to the original signature of whom none of us know):

(After I did this, I decided another option would be to cut Christmas card stock and write the message on there to include WITH the card instead of writing directly on it. However, writing on the card itself almost makes it like a circle journal. Don't you think so?)

Seal with a vintage Christmas seal (here is one of my favorite sellers of vintage seals):

Stamp with vintage postage (from my shop) if you have it, or stamp with the limited edition Rudolph stamps from this year! 

Would you send one, too? I think your friends and family will like them. At the end of the season, don't buy those cards on clearance...buy vintage instead! If you stick around here with me, I'll show you where and how. Happy mail!

P.S. Our winner for the awesome pencil sharpener is Huson T. Send your mailing address to me at feedthebirdies (at) gmail (dot) com and I will forward it to the company to have your sharpener mailed out! Thanks for playing along, everyone.

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