Sunday, December 13, 2009

Honey, I found the scotch tape!

This post could be a little embarrassing, it could be a little shocking, and it could change your whole opinion of me all in just a few pictures and words.  But, it is also liberating, calming, and a sense of peace for me.  The subject?  STUFF.  I have too much of it.  I used to love stuff, until Dave Ramsey came along.  Now stuff has a whole new meaning. I used to be a Target Clearance stalker, picking up anything that had a red tag on it and filling up a cart in 30 minutes flat, walking in the door at home trying to find a place to stuff the latest treasures I found.  Not anymore...well...only if we need it.  So, since we finished out Financial Peace University class, I have decided that it is time for some peace in the house if you will.  Or zen.  Or whatever you want to call it.  I started with my bedroom closet.  Oh, my.  I had NO idea what was in there.  Here is what I walked into every morning for the last few years.  Not kidding...years. 

OK.   That's the embarrassing part.  And so is this:

No wonder I was wishing the school would put all the teachers in uniform with khakis and tennis shoes.  I can't find anything in this closet.  Not even both shoes of my favorite Converse. 

Well, this little (ugh...BIG) project took about 8 hours.  And I am not finished.  I still have 6 rubbermaid tubs to go through of stuff.  Stuff I saved for the kids, stuff that I haven't seen since we moved in 5 years ago.  Stuff that doesnt' fit and stuff that doesn't have a home in our closet anymore.  Here are some things I did find, though:
  • 5 rolls of scotch tape.  I don't need to buy any to wrap presents this year. 

  • vintage sewing patterns I had forgotten about
  • my baby book
  • the matches to my shoes! Oh, here are those Converse tennis shoes I love so much!  I found them!

  • shirts that had fallen to the bottom of the closet behind all of the tubs
  • a toolbox with lots of scrapbooking stuff, from when it first got hot...yea, I won't use that.  William inherited the toolbox for the garage.
  • These pretty shoes


  • Five bags, yes, FIVE, of bags.  Not kidding.  Gift bags from our wedding, Katie's baby shower, birthdays, Christmas.  Yes, FIVE.  Half went in the trash. 
  • And that darn basket of mismatched socks....I matched the ones I could, and dumped a rather LARGE portion straight to the trash.  Then my mom told me they make good dust rags.  But I didn't go dig them out.
So here is what it looks like now.  Now, mind you, I have bags of Christmas gifts stashed in there that will be gone in a bit.  But we have a floot.  We really have a WALK IN closet.  My clothes are sorted by season; shoes are too.  Katie plays in there now.  It is her "house" and we were all invited in to sit and have tea.  Yay!

I will have to take another of us playing on the floor in there to share.  So cute!  So, there you have it.  My first purge.  And while I was doing that, I cleaned out my little corner of the bedroom and came up with two boxes of magazines to give away.  And I moved some things around.  And now one of my favorite vintage finds has a new display shelf in the living/dining area.  Isn't she pretty?  And she has new ribbon, just for those sweet little crafty projects.  I will share one soon. 
Today I can rest. 

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