Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Song...

The dog (Jet) and I had a cold but quiet walk through the neighborhood tonight  for just a few minutes.  Twinkling lights along our path and houses lit in happiness escorted us through the nighttime and kept the chill from making it to the bone.  I was wishing I had ear muffs, but  Mr. C's fuzzy gloves helped keep me warm.  I finally realized, too, at the last of our journey, that I had a hood on that I could use.  And here is a little bit of song to go with the season. I have heard of Sufjan Stevens through a few favorite bloggers, here and here.  Here you go:

And using Miss Rachel's idea from today:

Sounds like:

Quiet night with snuggles inside
Bing Crosby's Jingle Bells
Vintage typewriter making wish lists

Smells like:

Warm heat running through the house
Clean skin and fresh pajamas
Thumbprint cookies from the market

Looks like:

Curled up kitten on the rug
Curled up puppers on the sofa
Curled up little girl in my pillows

Feels like:

I want to make pretty things all night.
That I have to go to work tomorrow.
Snuggles are in store on a cold winter night.

Happy winter season to you.

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