Monday, February 22, 2010

Organization skills...

The next organization project that has been on my list is my scrapbook/stamp/craft stuff.  And there's a lot of it.  It never has had a home where it all lives together; I have buried the dining room table more than once only to get frustrated with the mess and put it all back up again, in separate rooms of the house.  So, I decided that finally I needed to make a spot for myself.  Now, here is where some of you may say that I am mean...I decided that the boys have to share their room.  *gasp* Oh, yes, I told them that we could scrapbook together.  Ha! That went over really well....  Anyway, here is the dreaded before shot.  Pardon the bad photography on this one. 

"Oh, crap," is right. On a card table.

And here we are after, with the cute little IKEA table found on craigslist, and the cute IKEA baskets and magnetic boards borrowed from the boys who don't use them anymore.

Now, I bet you think I cheated and shoved that big mess under the table, right? 


I happen to be a big fan of vintage luggage, and I am on the hunt for it at every estate sale I venture into.  It makes a perfect little home for paper, punches, and adhesives.  You just latch the top and go.  Love!

And one more cute shot of something I adore. 
My little strawberry cup that holds my pens.  Isn't it cute?

There is still more to go through, weed out, give away, and repurpose, but I'll get there. 

For now, I am happy to have a place to be. 

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