Sunday, February 21, 2010

If I were 20 again...

I would...
(a little adventure inspired by
welcoming a new season of age,
my friend Sarah,
and by Rachel). 

...ask my friends to meet me here.

And we would wear pretty dresses
like this one to dinner.

but we would stay in these all day,
warm sun on our skin, sand between our toes,
...and talk about how we would marry our sweethearts sometime later. 
And how they would be our soul mates.
And we would read books like this
on magical beaches.

And when we got back we would go here, and then whisper about wishing
to be a ballerina someday.

And we would take our cameras everywhere,

so that we would never forget eachother.
We would spend more time dreaming,

instead of worrying that the laundry wasn't folded that day.
We might get a little adventurous,
and get one of these.

because we love sweet things so much.

And we would never, ever,
regret the last bite.
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  1. i'm in .. please please can i go .. be 20 again .. wear pretty dresses .. take pictures and eat cupcakes ...